Welcome to the Hello Subaru of Temecula
‘Test Drive Your Way’ program.

Here at Hello Auto, we’re sure of one thing. Everyone has their own way of driving. When you’re behind the wheel, everything needs to be ‘just so’. Your seat position. Your mirrors. Your route. Your temperature. Your music. Your way or the highway.



Hello Test Drive Your Way Guarantee:

  • The car will be cleaned, fueled, and ready to go.
  • For scheduled test drive appointments, we will work to get your driver’s license and insurance information ahead of time so you can spend your time getting to know the car.
  • We will set up your mobile phone, explain the features that are critical, and send you on a test drive path that allows you to truly experience the car.
  • Your test drive should reflect the ways you use your car and highlight the capabilities of the car you’re interested in.
  • For these reasons we worked with a professional driver to create a route that highlights the vehicle comfort, convenience, performance and safety features across your range of daily driving scenarios:
    • Freeway on-ramps to help you feel how the vehicle handles turns
    • Multi-lane highway driving that highlights cabin comfort, driver aids and long range visibility
    • Stop-and-Go city driving to demonstrate braking and maneuvering
    • Tighter, low-speed parking lot driving scenarios
  • If you have taken time to schedule an appointment, your selection will be in our designated test drive area, marked with your name. It will be ready and waiting for your Hello TDYW experience.
Disclaimer: We require verification of your driver’s license, current insurance and some basic screening information before your test drive.



Hello Subaru of Temecula Test Drive Route

Turn-by-Turn Directions:

Make a RIGHT-HAND turn out of the Hello Subaru onto Ynez Road, go past Pauba Road and make a RIGHT at the ROUNDABOUT onto La Paz Rd.
  Turn RIGHT onto Temecula Parkway. Stay in the right-hand lane to merge onto I-15 North.
  Proceed NORTH on I-15 and take the SECOND exit (161) onto CA-79 Winchester Road. Exit RIGHT and make a RIGHT onto Ynez Road.
 Proceed on Ynez Road for approximately 1 mile and turn RIGHT back into the Dealership.


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